Geometry Semester 2

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Lesson 1:  Basic Linear Equations
Lesson 2:  Linear Equations and the Distributive Property
Lesson 3:  Eliminating Fractions

Homework on Solving Linear Equations

Lesson 4:  Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
Lesson 5:  The Quadratic Formula

Homework on Solving Quadratic Equations

Lesson 6:  Finding Angles

Lesson 7:  Finding Segment Lengths

Lesson 8:  Problems Involving Areas
Homework on Geometry Problems with Algebra
Lesson 9:   Transformations
Lesson 10:   Isometry Theorems
Lesson 11:   Symmetry
Homework on Rigid Transformations
Lesson 12:   Dilations and Similarity
Lesson 13:   Coordinate Transformations
Homework on Dilations and Coordinate Transformations
Lesson 14:  Basic Terms for Parts of Circles
Lesson 15:   Arc Measures
 Homework on Arcs and Angles
Lesson 16:   Tangents
Lesson 17:   Chords and Secants
Homework on Circles and Segment Lengths
Lesson 18:   Inscribed Polygons
Lesson 19:   Inscribed Circles
Lesson 20:   Centers of Triangles
Lesson 21:   The 9 Point Circle
Homework on Inscribed and Circumscribed Figures
Lesson 22:   Basic Constructions
Lesson 23:  Perpendiculars and Parallel Constructions
 Homework on Basic Constructions
Lesson 24:   Constructing Triangles
Lesson 25:   Miscellaneous Constructions
Homework on Advanced Constructions
Lesson 26:   Locus Problems
 Homework on Loci
Lesson 27:  Classifications of Three-Dimensional Objects
Lesson 28:  Drawings and Nets
Lesson 29:  Length, Area and Volume
Homework on Basic Three-Dimensional Objects
Lesson 30:  Surface Areas of Right Prisms and Cylinders
Lesson 31:  Volume of Right Cylinders and Prisms
Lesson 32:  Volume of Pyramids and Cones
Lesson 33:  The Sphere
Homework on Surface Area and Volume
Lesson 34:  The Six Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 35:  Right Triangle Problems and Exact Values
Homework on Right Triangle Trigonometry
Lesson 36:  General Angles and Radians
Lesson 37:  General Definitions of the Trig Functions
Lesson 38:  The Inverse Trig Functions
Homework on Radian Measure and Special Angles
Lesson 39:  The Law of Sines
Lesson 40:  The Law of Cosines
Lesson 41:  Heron’s Formula
Homework on the Laws of Sines and Cosines
Extra:  Euler's Rotation Theorem
Review for Final Exam
Final Exam (pdf file)