Geometry Semester 1

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Lesson 1:  Plato's Dialog Meno
Lesson 2:  Areas of Standard Figures
Homework on Areas
Lesson 3:  Distance
Lesson 4:  Pythagorean Theorem
Lesson 5:  Perimeter
Lesson 6:  Exact Values
Homework on Linear Measure
Lesson 7:  Protractors and Angles
Lesson 8:  Angle Sums
Lesson 9:  Special Pairs of Angles
Homework on Angle Measure
Lesson 10:  Patterns and Inductive Reasoning
Lesson 11:  Deductive Logic
Homework on Logic
Lesson 12:  Points, Lines, Planes, and Space
Lesson 13:  Segments, Rays and Angles
Lesson 14:  Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Homework on Building Blocks of Geometry
Lesson 15:  The Transitive Property
Lesson 16:  Parallel Lines and Transversal Angles
Lesson 17:  The Sum of the Angles in a Triangle
Homework on Proofs
Lesson 18:  Slope
Lesson 19:  Equations of Lines
Homework on Lines
Lesson 20:  Distance and Midpoint
Lesson 21:  Coordinate Proofs
Homework on Coordinate Proofs
Lesson 22:  Congruent Triangles
Lesson 23:  SAS
Lesson 24:  SSA or ASS
Lesson 25:  SSS
Homework on Congruent Triangles
Lesson 26:  Basic Proofs
Lesson 27:  Proofs involving CPCTC
Homework on Triangle Proofs
Lesson 28:  Right Triangles
Lesson 29:  Measurement Proofs
Lesson 30:  Special Right Triangles: 30-60-90 and 45-45-90
Homework on More Proofs
Lesson 31:  Scaling and Similarity
Lesson 32:  SSS and SAS Similarity
Homework on Scaling and Similarity
Lesson 33:  Parallel Lines and Proportional Segments
Lesson 34:  Altitudes of Right Triangles
Homework on Proportional Segments
Lesson 35:  The Triangle Angle Bisector Theorem
Lesson 36:  Proof of the Triangle Angle Bisector Theorem
Homework on Bisectors of Angles in Triangles
Lesson 37:  Inequalities in a Single Triangle
Lesson 38:  The Hinge Theorem
Homework on Triangle Inequalities
Lesson 39:  Polygons
Lesson 40:  Angles in Polygons
Homework on Polygons
Lesson 41:  Quadrilaterals
Lesson 42:  Diagonals of Quadrilaterals
Homework on Quadrilaterals
Review for Final Exam
Final Exam (pdf file)