Calculus 1

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Summary Lesson on Limits and Derivatives
Explanation of limits and derivative tests with drawings of curves
Worksheet on velocity
This worksheet explores graphical presentations of distance and velocity vs. time.

  10-minute quizzes I gave at the beginning of each period:

Quiz #1 (composition)
Composite functions of the form f(expression)
Quiz #2 (domain)
Domains of functions plus review of composition
Quiz #3 (graphs)
Interpreting the graph of a function
Quiz #4 (functions)
Review of domain and composition of functions
Quiz #5 (standard graphs)
Recognizing graphs of standard functions
Quiz #6 (regression line)
Approximating and interpreting data with a line
Quiz #7 (composition and graphs)
Reading functions and composition from a graphs and tables
Quiz #8 (interpreting graphs)
More on interpreting a function from its graph
Quiz #9 (even, odd, split)
Extending graphs of even and odd functions, and working with a split function
Quiz #10 (graphical solutions)
Approximating solutions to equations graphically
Quiz #11 (exponents)
Review of the rules of exponents
Quiz #12 (domain and range)
Finding the domain and range of a function
Quiz #13 (transformations)
Linear transformations of functions (translate, reflect, stretch, shrink)
Quiz #14 (logs and inverses)
Logarithms and inverses of functions
Quiz #14 (logarithms)
Properties of logarithms
Quiz #15 (logarithms)
Working with logarithms
Quiz #16 (velocity)
Determining velocities from a nonlinear distance vs. time graph
Quiz #17 (functions)
Review and practice with composite functions in table form
Quiz #18 (limits)
Finding limits from graphs of functions
Quiz #19 (table form)
Finding values and inverses of a one-to-one function in table form
Quiz #20 (velocity, limits)
Review velocity and limits
Quiz #21 (limits)
Limits of indeterminate forms and limits of a split function
Quiz #22 (limits)
Limits of sums and products of functions
Quiz #23 (continuity)
Limits and continuity
Quiz #24 (secants, tangents)
Slopes of secant and tangent lines
Quiz #25 (derivative)
Estimating the derivative from a graph
Quiz #26 (derivative, tangent)
Estimating derivatives and finding equations of tangent lines
Quiz #27 (derivative, velocity)
The derivative as a rate of change
Quiz #28 (derivative, graph)
Sketching the graph of the derivative
Quiz #29 (derivative function)
Estimating the value of a function given the derivative and a point
Quiz #30 (second derivative)
Interpreting the first and second derivatives, concavity, maximum-minimum
Quiz #31 (derivatives)
Derivatives of functions of forms y = axm + bxn or y = bex
Quiz #32 (product rule)
The product rule for derivatives
Quiz #33 (quotient rule)
The quotient rule for derivatives
Quiz #34 (velocity, acceleration)
Velocity and acceleration as derivatives
Quiz #35 (tangent, normal)
Equations of lines tangent and normal to a parabola
Quiz #36 (calculator)
Using a graphing calculator to find critical points of a function
Quiz #37 (implicit)
Implicit differentiation
Quiz #38 (related rates)
Estimating a function from its tangent; finding related rates using implicit differentiation
Quiz #39 (comparing derivatives)
Comparing a function with its derivatives
Quiz #40 (review derivatives)
Review derivatives of power and exponential functions: 4 different forms
Quiz #41 (review derivatives)
Additional review of derivatives
Quiz #42 (Product Rule)
Derivatives of products of functions
Quiz #43 (Quotient Rule)
Derivatives of quotients of functions
Quiz #44 (Products and quotients)
Derivatives of products and quotients of functions read from graphs
Quiz #45 (Chain Rule)
Derivatives of composite functions